Three Best Restaurants at Emirates Mall


The Mall of the Emirates is exceptionally famous worldwide for all its qualities. Still, when it is concerned with restaurants, it contains amazing ones with different cultural and local foods. Many food chains worldwide have franchises there, so it is easy to find your favorite one. As people from different corners of the world come here, it becomes easier to find their cultural foods in Dubai, making Dubai a homeland for tourists. Below are the best restaurants in Emirates Mall

1- Tribes Restaurant

Whether you are an African or want to enjoy African foods, Tribes Restaurant is the right place. Hakuna Matata platter makes people fall in love with the restaurant, and it is worth it. Tribes are located near the cinema on the second level of the mall. The average cost to serve two people is almost AED 520. 

2- Texas De Brazil Restaurant

Being a Brazilian, it will be your best to get to this restaurant in Dubai. Texas De Brazil Restaurant is a Brazilian restaurant where Brazilians and other people enjoy the best Brazilian foods. It is a pretty cheap restaurant which costs AED 400 for two people. You can easily find this restaurant at the second level of MOE. 

3-Eat Greek Kouzina Restaurant

Now comes the restaurant which serves all the traditional foods of Greece. All the ingredients used in the foods are fresh, which makes this restaurant the best destination for the people of Greece and Greek food lovers. It is also a cheaper restaurant where two people can eat the food within AED 390-400. Eat Greek Kouzina Restaurant is located on the second level of MOE. 

Final Thoughts

Restaurants at the Mall of the Emirates are the best-known destinations to get one’s cultural food. Almost 100 restaurants with different menus serve there and fetch the people to the best restaurants in Dubai. All types of foods, desserts, and beverages are available at these restaurants. People from different parts of the world easily find their cultural foods there, and going to any of the restaurants is worth it. 

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